Introducing 1 x 4 Herringbone

Lunada Bay Tile is pleased to offer 1 x 4 Herringbone, a made-to-order pattern for the Agate, Haisen, Mizumi, Shibui and Tozen collections.

A design classic, the herringbone pattern touches all facets of fashion, building and interior design. From twill jackets to brick sidewalks to upholstery fabrics, the dynamic zigzag pattern adds dimension to everything it touches. Now you can add the timeless character of herringbone to your favorite glass installations.

1 x 4 Herringbone works in combination with other patterns and tile collections by Lunada Bay Tile. Here are just a few of the installations you could create with this versatile pattern.

What region has the largest kitchens?


Are your Thanksgiving ambitions larger than the size of your kitchen? You might not be alone.

The average size of a kitchen in newly-built single family homes is 161 square feet, just under 13 feet by 13 feet, according to new research from the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA). The research also found that the size of American kitchens vary by geographic location, house size and the number of stories in a home.

Kitchens in single story homes avg. 151 sq. ft.: Largest avg.: Mountain region (158 sq. ft.) Smallest avg.: New England region (130 sq. ft.)

Kitchens in multi-level homes avg. 174 sq. ft.: Largest avg.: West South Central region (184 sq. ft.). Smallest avg.: West North Central regions (156 sq. ft.).

Tile size and color can have a big impact how large or small the kitchen feels. On the floor, larger format tiles will require fewer grout lines, which can help to expand the feeling of the space. On the wall, less contrast between the grout and the tile, along with using lighter colored tiles, can help a room feel larger. For the illusion of a larger room, use a color scheme that’s light rather than bright or dark.

Slate Honed Earth

Tile Fireplace Design Ideas

The hearth can be the focal point of a well-appointed room. In chilly weather, a fireplace is also a natural gathering place. If your fireplace is more of a whisper, stylistically speaking, than a shout, consider giving it a creative and eye-catching makeover with tile. Choose a color and pattern that reflects the decorative style and personality of your home and you will want to gaze at the view all day long.


The fireplace is the perfect spot to use a tile you love that may have more color or texture than you are comfortable with for a kitchen or bath. Here, Charmean Neithart Interiors used Rainbow Pisces 8. Photo: Erika Bierman Photography.


Here, interior designer Gwenael Dumont took Agate Martini Verona Silk tile to the ceiling to create drama and accentuate the vertical view. When using a tile on the surround, don’t be afraid to mix in a different material, a stone slab or different size tile. Photo: ID by Gwen, Seattle.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 9.24.23 AM.png

Large-format natural stone, shown here in Straight Cut Slate 18 x 36 Desert Gold, is a great option when you want something modern, warm and impactful. It’s visually textural, yet silky smooth to the touch.

Project Spotlight: Karen Herrick Design

Designer Karen Herrick in San Jose recently completed a powder bath design featuring Tozen 1×4 Brick in Erbium Silk. When her clients purchased the home, the bath was finished in a sea of beige.

“My mandate was to inject a modern twist wherever possible and the color palette had to be a mix of blues and greens,” Herrick says. “Voila… the Tozen Erbium tile. I only showed the client that one option. She loved it as much as I did and we installed it vertically to add height and drama to a tiny space.”