Dwell by Met Lofts 2015: Signature Studio #625 by Lucinda Pacé

Dwell Media and Met Lofts teamed up to work for the third year with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) to reimagine the interior designs of downtown luxury apartments at Met Lofts. Dwell at Met Lofts brings modern design to life in luxury apartments to showcase modern city living in a building emblematic of the modern community.

This year, Studio Showcase includes three custom-designed spaces by three ASID Designers—Lucinda Pacé of Laurel and Wolf, Lauri Howell Design, and Adrienne Mascaro of StudioBlu. Each loft featured tile by Lunada Bay Tile. The lofts were unveiled at Drinks by Design, an event co-hosted by LG, Dwell and ASID on May 27. At the private VIP event, which was open to design professions and media. Celebrity designer Nate Berkus, who is LG’s artistic advisor, was on hand to discuss the overall inspiration behind the LG Studio kitchens collection created for the Met Lofts project and his style influenced the three lofts. Enjoy our three-part series that highlights the lofts

Lucinda Pacé of Laurel & Wolfe
Lucinda Pacé of Laurel & Wolfe

Signature Studio #625 | Lucinda Pacé, Laurel & Wolfe
Lucinda Pacé’s approach to the sixth-floor loft was to make it something feminine, sensual and sophisticated. A calming combination of elegant texture and pattern evoke a serene space that is prime for entertaining.  The kitchen, outfitted in sleek cabinetry and a glass mosaic backsplash by Lunada Bay Tile. The 1×1 glass, called “Nami”, is part of Lunada Bay Tile’s upcoming launch called Origami, a collection of three-dimensional glass tiles. Nami’s gentle rocking texture, which emulates a wave, changes its mood depending on how light reflects off the textured surface.  In the bathroom, Lucinda paired Haisen Barcode, a new pattern by Lunada Bay Tile, with Moxie, a field tile that is also part of the Origami collection.  A notable feature of Lucinda’s design was the use of local artists for her space, and she injects a bit of humor as seen by the bird-footed lamps sourced from Z Gallerie and gang sign paintings created by her brother.

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