Pool Tile Inspirations

It’s that time of year where our Instagram and Pinterest feeds are full of jaw-dropping pool images that make us long for summer vacation. Icy blue water, a few palm trees and an umbrella drink does the body and mind good!

The finish of a pool can completely transform its design to a new level of style. One of our favorite finishes, of course, is glass mosaic tile at the water line or on the walls outside of a pool. Glass is the most popular tile for the water applications because it doesn’t warp, fade or need much maintenance. The installation takes on a different personality depending on the time of day. Another benefit of glass tile is the wide variety of mosaics available. You can go with classic blues and aquas, or you can go with an unexpected color or shape.

Above, glass mosaics take center stage in this Santa Rosa, Calif., pool featuring Agate 1 x 4 in Umbria Pearl. To create major impact, the owners opted to install the same tile on pool and spa walls, waterline and steps. Look at how the tile transforms personality from day to night.

The Texas pool by Bates Design Associates, above, features Agate 1 x 4 Umbria Pearl on the water line and the wall surrounding the spa. The watery blues make a stunning backdrop and set a calming mood for the entire outdoor space. The blue hues amplify water’s blue reflection.


In the Valley House project featured above, Agate 1 x 4 in Firenze Silk was used for the waterline. The colors in the rectangular tiles pick up the blue of the water, the green of the lush landscaping and the grays in the concrete and pool coping. The smaller 1 x 1 size offers delicate detail on a pool step. Custom touches such as this elevate the design and allow you to personalize the look to your preferences.

While these pool installations all feature our Agate collection, there are many Lunada Bay Tile glass series that would work in pool projects. As you’re browsing the options, always check to see which glass collections are appropriate for submerged water applications, and when in doubt, please contact our technical services department; they are happy to help!

When adding glass mosaics to your pool project, remember that proper installation is a key component to creating the design of your dreams. Creating a good bond for an underwater application is essential, so work with a skilled tile setter. Be sure to ask your installer about their experience with pool and spa tile installations, look at their project photos, make site visits to previous installations they’ve worked on, and always ask for references.  Installers should use current guidelines posted by the Tile Council of North America.  Happy planning!

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